Financial instruments

You want to know market expectations from economic specialists? You want to see automatic systems calculate current and future market trends? You want to find out the reasons for the sudden movement of any instruments? You are wondering where your trading level is? Our 3 free tools below are developed to bring you best experiences with PFMFund.

  • PFMTools

    With the ability to accurately figure out the current trend and reversing moments based on market trading volume, the system constantly updates PFMFund specialists’ algorithms to be correspondent to the market condition.

  • News-updating Indicator

    Update news and a variety of commentaries related to financial instruments from PFMFund fundamental analysists.

  • Trader level calculation

    Without relying on the overall trading results of each trader, this tool evaluates their trading skills accurately based on specific transaction.

Professional Finance Management

  • Principles of operation

    We aim to effectively manage PFMFund financial instruments by the power of technology and modern risk management system. Seeking for competent traders, raising their trading skills and knowledge are main goals we are heading for.

  • Working competence

    With PFMFund independent source of capital, traders can work with relaxed mood, without high pressure, to perform their profession with best results. Our best-qualified programmers help put PFMFund in good management and take advantages of modern technology.

  • Our Q216 target

    We aim to seek 40 traders in the European and US markets by building PFMTrader. Traders who are in Top 20 will be considered to be TraderVIP working for PFMFund. Our profit target is to achieve 45,000 points for each financial instrument and open a representative office in Hochiminh City.


PFMFund customers range from Traders to investing funds, analysists, stock exchanges and many Forex social networks. 80 percent of PFMFund customers comes from outside Vietnam territory.